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From a Little man to a Leviathan

We don’t know how deep our potentials are. Most of the time, we adhere to our social norms and discard the things that we should be best doing. Eventually, it is like denying the unique gifts we have been given by God to just wither and die. We should have been realizing the maximum outputs of our potential, but alas, we succumb to what society is telling us, prodding us to drop our soaring dreams, leading us to live a life that is reachable but non-expandable.

In real life, the tougher the road one gets, the higher the percentage of him or her giving up. Most of us want convenience and not arduous work. Majority of people run after riches but refuse to sweat it out or even dirty their hands in the process.  But there are always brave ones that break the status quo, announcing to the world that it can be done, especially when everyone least expects it.

Take for example, Levy dela Cruz. He showed the tenacity of a champion battling against a barrage of challenges in his life, until he swept them all up with his unending fervor and passion to succeed.

Let it be Voiced from the Past

Levy dela Cruz (Levy or Levz to his friends), was born in a middle class family in Quezon City. His father was a former ship technician while his mother was a former teacher and government employee. Being the youngest in six siblings, he lived a comfortable life where a lot of things were already given to him. But him becoming a spoiled brat was cut short when his father lost his job as a seaman. The ensuing years were challenging. Levy’s family was forced to sell their house to make ends meet. His parents set up a piggery to add as a source of income for the family, where Levy actively participated. His family was working closely together to survive the trials hurled to them.

One thing that Levy really appreciate is his parents’ commitment to education. Whenever they see beggars in the streets, they reminded him of the perils of not working hard on his studies, that he may become like them when he takes his studies for granted. In addition to this, moments where he sees his siblings’ sacrifices like letting him have the better seat in a commuter vehicle molded him to become a better person each day.

With his knack for music and the arts, Levy eventually enrolled to the University of Santo Tomas for his Fine Arts Degree. After a year, he transferred to the University of the Philippines Diliman and took up BA Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design. He experienced the full bloom of his talents as he reprises a supporting role in the Florante and Laura play for a year. He was also able to become a band member for three years while studying and even record an album under universal records.

Alleviating One’s Life through Business

Levy joined the workforce through a Japanese company as a 3D graphic artist. He has a clear goal for getting the job done and sports a mindset that he is the least knowledgeable among his peers. With this mentality, he rarely complains and puts his mettle to work, even sacrificing sleep just to complete the tasks at hand. In a year, from a novice, he was subsequently promoted to an artist, senior artist, manager up to senior project manager. He was a hard worker through and through.

His work continued for ten years. The routine has been engraved in his system. Until one day, a friend of him invited him to a business venture. He obliged and for the most part although he was skeptical, he was also observing. The proposal was presented to him. At first, it did not make sense to him a lot, but the lucrative return and the idea of having your own terms in whatever you do, ring a bell that resonates with his dreams back then. He eventually joined in the business and slowly immersed himself to the entrepreneurial attitude of business building.

Levied to the Test Towards Triumph

It was not easy. Having a job and having something to do as another source of income requires a lot of sacrifice and time management. He was not really used to sales and marketing but he makes sure to attend the necessary trainings that tackle those concepts. The rejections keep on piling up. The no’s he was getting was enough to shock anyone to submission. But he just kept on going.

Whenever tough roads appear, either people stay away, or some just get tougher. Levy chose to stay the path of entrepreneurship with all its thorns and rewards. He just kept pushing his limits. And with the help of other people who coached and mentored him every step of the way, he realizes that he was miles ahead from what he was when he started. This boosted his confidence to further his journey and improve more and more through self-development books and audio, as well as online and offline trainings.

Finally, after grueling days and nights of trainings, proposals and hustle, coupled with his demanding workload on his job, he was able to taste the rewards of his efforts and resoluteness. Now, he no longer has an 8-to-5 job and lives in his own terms and timing. Levy, with all the prestige he has garnered in his work, has outshined his previous self, by going beyond the limits that he perceived, by turning his potential to a pot of gold, rubies and diamonds.

Levy as A Leader

With his approachable persona, you can easily rely on him and even ask him for advice and tips. As a leader, he values relationships a lot and believes that connectedness of people makes the dream work faster. The synergy of people bonded together and working on a common goal is force to reckon with. With his leadership, he was able to establish a network of different individuals all around the globe that works side by side regardless of time differences. He is like a glue that connects people to create lasting results that will inspire others to follow suit.

Levy as A Son

Levy is very grateful to his parents. The things they have imparted him has molded him to become the person that he is now. That is why, in all his capacity, he wants to give back to them. He wants to travel with them and the idea of giving them simple gifts excites him a lot. Even in ten years’ time, he wants to still be with them and have a family of his own that adheres to the teachings and values that his parents have taught him.

Levy as A Businessman

The idea of having a goal and having it close to completion pumps up Levy to go full throttle. In entrepreneurship, self-motivation is one of the driving force to make you act and go for what you are aiming for. Discipline as well is key in any business. Levy values training and self development to keep himself updated and up to par with regard to the goals he has set. He never stops until the job is done. And although sacrifice is hard to give sometimes, he wholeheartedly does it for the team and for those that need it. No wonder, his business is booming and is developing at at rapid rate.

Levy as an Artist

Levy’s passion as an artist knows no bounds. He can sing, play a guitar, do concepts shoots and video presentations. If he were to put the business in the backburner, he dreams of having his own photography and videography service, and get a shot to be one of the famous wedding videographers in the country. With his zest for creativity, he has actually set a standard in his business when it comes to photoshoots that highlights what the business can do to help you succeed in what you are aiming for in your life.

Live life and Levy-t!

Our potentials are limited only by the environments that we thrive on. As seen through Levy’s life, success is just a matter of searching for the place where your potential will take its form and fly. It will never be easy and jolts of pain will continuously be part of the package. But if you have nothing much more to lose than your pride, then the miracle you have been waiting for should probably be in sight.

Les Brown said that it is better to be prepared and not having the opportunity rather than having the opportunity and not being prepared. Levy has been fully prepared from the get-go without him even realizing it. The struggles he has faced growing up, the values he was taught, the molding process he was subjected to – all these paved the way to his success today.

In a nutshell, Levy believes that success is a culmination of your achievements in life. When you die, and you know that everything you wanted to get, you have gotten, then you are a success. Everyday in every single way, if you are doing the things that needs to be done towards reaching your dreams, then you are bound to be successful in the end.

This is your Mentor Levy, advising you to live life and live it with the full potential that you have, as how his full potentials unleashed has helped him love the life that he lives today.

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